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NetPros TV Service

With the price of satellite and cable going up every month tv is getting harder and harder to afford.  With our service we can bring tv service to your home through your existing internet connection.  We make this affordable to all of our customers and you can have it in your home today!  There is no credit check needed to start the process everyone receives the same rates per month and the best part is you can watch every channel you want to watch all inclusive.  What do we mean by that?  HBO, Starz, Cinemaxx, PPV, and more always cost extra to add either an higher monthly rate or pay a one time fee to rent a movie or an event.  With NetPros TV those fees are paid for when you start your service so no additional fees are needed.  Love Sports?  We include NFL Sunday Ticket, Center ICE, Extra Innings, and NBA as well so you will never miss a game.  Interested in getting started?  All we need is the first months payment a non refundable deposit down to get started.  Have more than one room use our chart below to determine what your monthly rate would be.

Pricing Breakdown

  • 1 TV - $55 per month

  • 2 TVs - $75 per month

  • 3 TVs - $90 per month

  • 4 TVs - $105 per month​

  • 5 TVs - $120 per month

  • 6 TVs - $135 per month

Tv Packages

1 TV


Per Month

2 TVs


Per Month

3 TVs


Per Month

4 TVs


Per Month

NetPros TV on Firestick

Now you can add NetPros TV to your firestick for more convenient way of watching tv.  Did we mention much like our leased set-top boxes it is also affordable?  $20 a month on the firestick covers everything listed above and you own your equipment so no monthly rate will be charged for equipment care!  NetPros Makes TV affordable give us a call so you can take back television again!!! 

No charge for equipment and no credit checks and you can cancel whenever you want to.  We keep our rates down by you agreeing that whenever you are finished with the service that you turn all your boxes back in or you will be charged $200 per box.

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