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NetPros Home Theater Setup

From installing an state of the art home theater in your living room to hooking all that awesome tech setup in a man cave or (woman cave). Give us a call to help you with that design process.  TV mounting issues are a thing of the past with our services we will come out and make sure that the install is done level and that no issues will occur once our techs are gone.  You can find a listing of our prices for each service below note that these are labor prices unless otherwise noted hardware can and will be quoted for you directly just ask!

TV Mounting Services

Mounting labor

Labor for NetPros Tech to come and Mount

TV to your wall


Tilt mount small

Tilt mount for 17in to 49in TVs


Tilt Mount Medium

Tilt mount for 50in to 72in TVs


Tilt Mount Large

Tilt mount for 73in to 85in TVs


full motion Mount small

Motion mount for 20in to 36in TVs


full motion Mount Medium

Motion mount for 37in to 70in TVs


full motion Mount large

Motion mount for 73in to 100in TVs


projector Services priced as needed

Call for 


TV Service Extras

Dismount Existing TV

Remove existing TV from wall.


Mount Sound Bar

Mount soundbar to wall 


HDMI Cables

Extra Cabling to run from TV to Device


Surround Sound Setup

Setup Customer Purchased Surround 



HDMI Wall Plate

3 Port HDMI Wall plate for access to Ports


4 speaker home theater sys

Pyle 4 Speaker in ceiling speaker system

with receiver


Wall mounting made simple with our techs.  We also can run HDMI and USB plugins down the wall so that you will be able to just plugin at the wall instead of having to try to reach behind the tv to plug a device in.

TV mount labor starts at $75 with customer provided mount

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