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NetPros Is Happy to Introduce Access Control

In Addition to Security alarms and Camera systems, NetPros is proud to annouce that we are now installers/repair centers for access control door entry and also thermal temperature checks.

Check below for more information and if you have any questions feel free to contact us at (843) 672-9121.

Business Access Control

Access control options today is a very vital part of business security.  With this you now know who is allowed in certain parts of your building and timers can be set to allow access for only certain time frames.  With NetPros we can setup your system and show you how to use the software that will allow you to control every entry point of your business.  In todays time also temperature checks for all patrons and employees that enter your facility is very important we can help with that as well.  Trust full security to the NetPros professional installers.

NetPros offers a great variety in this area and can tailor all needs individually for each client.  Contact us for a free quote on access control for your business today!!

Hotel Access System

With NetPros Access Control we also work with Hotels in implementing a door system complete with access cards and training. We can customize cards so that the hotel logo is on each card that is given to a customer.  With a quick click in the software the cards are enabled or disabled.  Give us a call for a quick quote for your hotel today!!  

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