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DIY Systems vs Professional Systems

With DIY solutions for cameras everywhere these days why pay professionals to install your system? DIY systems are affordable and may seem more reasonable to purchase but there is a reason that they only cost a fraction of what a service provider would offer you. 

  •  Most of the DIY systems offer 1080p lite which is reduced frame rate from the actual 1080p meaning the picture is not as great of quality as the 1080p system would be or its 720p which is way lower. 

  •  Most of the time your average installer will be selling 1080p minimum with 4k as an option for just a fraction more. 

  •  Wiring is annoying and when you are running wires through attics and crawl spaces it can get dangerous with unknown creatures, pipes, and wiring. Professional installers have all the tools to place the wires in the correct place and move at a faster pace to not be in attics or crawl spaces for long.

  • Wire placement with DIY not knowing where to place wires can be dangerous not only by a person cutting the wire, but exposed wire can be dangerous to weather and other hazards if not placed in the correct place.

All the information above should be considered before you make a decision concerning DIY cameras for your home or business.  If you aren't sure NetPros offers free estimates and can advise where to place cameras give us a call (843) 672-9121 to setup an appointment today!!

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