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Computer Repair Services

At NetPros we understand that computer issues are frustrating.  Thats why when you bring your device to us for a repair you will always be met with a smiling face waiting to help resolve issues.  From clean-ups to make your computers performance run better to changing broken screens or your laptop, we will be here to give you an honest quote for service everytime!

Below are some common services that we offer.  Don't see what you are looking for feel free to call, message or come by one of our locations.


This option is available for our customers that have slow computers, pop-ups, malware, and the beginning stages of viruses.  This also prolongs your PC life Span by 10 years.


Virus Removal

This option is for customers who have a virus infecting their PC and is causing failure to the unit.  Viruses are extremely dangerous and cause damage to your pc.  If not removed can hack your info and lead to identity theft.


Windows Installation

This option is for customer who need to have Windows installed or reinstalled without a product key.  Product key will be purchased at the time of sale and applied to the PC.  We will provide a copy of the product key to you.


Business IT Service

We can provide IT services to any size business.  We understand that each need is different so we price each service as needed.

Our Services include - Windows Updates, Antivirus checkins, security patches, log reviews, printer support, we also provide all business clients that subscribe to our monthly service WebROOT antivirus for each computer free.  Check out our Business services page for more info!

Diagnostic Fee

If you are not sure what the problem is, we can diagnose it for you.  Once you pay the initial diagnostic fee, if you decide to have us do your repair, the $25 you have already paid is applied to the repair of the real issue.


Instant Tech Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Full Monthly Service


Per Month/Per Computer

Best Package Offer

All in Preventative Service and

Webroot Antivirus

Full Printer Support

1 Free Monthly Service Call

Virus Removal

Backup Services

Social Media Help

Preventative Service


Per Month/Per Computer

Best for General Upkeep

All in Remote Repair and

Remote Service

Basic Printer Support

Discounted Service Call Rate

Windows Updates

Remote Repair


Per Hour

For Immediate Repairs

Remote Service

Malware Scans

Virus Scans

Repair Without Leaving Home

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