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Quick Serve Restaurant Solutions

NetPros is proud to be the partner you need to handle the tech scope of your restaurant.  From POS Equipment consulting and installations down to the cable runs for the network rack we work hand in hand with you to ensure you have what you need at a price you can afford.

Our services are broken down below and if you dont see something you may need feel free to message or call us because we are here to make you tomorrow easier!!

POS Service

We work side by side your POS company to ensure that the pieces of the POS puzzle are installed the correct way.  Front of House system installation can be tricky, but our techs have the experience to get you where you need to be.  For your convenience we have listed everything we offer on the POS side below if you have any questions or interests please contact us!!

  •  Full POS Front of house install (Terminals, cash drawers, Kitchen Delivery Systems, Receipt Printers

  • Full Back of house install and setup including server PC and office printing

  • Digital Menu Boards Indoor and Outdoor

  • Drive thru Speaker and Timer Loop systems

  • Over head Music system

  • Managed Firewall and Wifi For added protection

  • Security Camera Coverage with Audio 

  • Network Setup (includes rack, cabling, and all switches to tie everything together)

Network Services

Our Network service is deserving to be listed twice here as we provide state of the art coverage for your locations without breaking the bank.  From the first cable pull to the firewall we cover a complete landscape to ensure that you are ready for day 1 and protected from that point in time as well.  We install the network rack in a secure location and route all cabling neatly through the ceiling to the rack so that you will never see any exposed cabling along the way.  Inside the rack we install all switches and panels to ensure connectivity is disseminated to the correct locations.  We also install and manage the Wifi network at the location to ensure that you are never down and your customer has a separate network to connect to.  The final piece of the network puzzle is the firewall.  We program and manage the firewall and monitor 24/7 so that no one is sneaking into your network to steal any prized info that you have!!

If you are ready to take on your first or 100th restaurant were here to provide a helping hand 

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